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My Recipe of Rum Mojito – It’s More Simple than You Think

One of the best alcoholic cocktail drinks using rum is actually the rum mojito. The rum mojito is actually a very strong drink yet at the same time it is also a very refreshing one thanks to the ingredients added to it.

If you are into making cocktail drinks and would like to learn how to make a rum mojito, in truth, the process is actually much simpler than you think. As long as you have the ingredients ready and handy, it will take very little practice until you master the art of making a rum mojito.

The ingredients that are necessary for making a rum mojito are:

how to make a rum mojito1½ oz. White Rum
½ cup Club soda
10 Fresh Mint Leaves
4 Wedges of Lime

After gathering all the necessary ingredients, it’s now time to prepare the cocktail drink. The first process needed in making a rum mojito is muddling, a process in which solid pieces of ingredients are mushed using a muddling tool for bartending. First, get your cocktail shaker, pour in the right amount of rum inside, then place your pieces of mint leaves and lime wedges. Once that’s done, get your muddling tool and muddle all the ingredients inside the shaker together. Make sure to muddle the ingredients complete so that no tiny chunks and pieces are left. There will be no straining the content so it is important that you muddle very carefully and effectively.

Upon finishing with the muddling part, get some ice and place it inside the shaker along with your muddled ingredients. Place the lid of the shaker, grab both bottom and top parts of the shaker making sure they do not separate, and then shake the contents very vigorously, agitating the contents and allowing the liquids to take the temperature of the ice. Now, pour the shaker’s contents into your serving glass. Top the poured content with some club soda. Now you have a rum mojito that you can use and create during family parties and social gatherings.